Laura Lassiter will be presenting her Intro to Animal Communication Workshop at Annwyn!

For more information on the workshop and registration, visit

In this INCREDIBLE, POWERFUL AND CUTTING-EDGE workshop, you will learn and remember:

  • Techniques to address polarity issues
  • Powerful guided exercises to ground yourself and an animal before communication begins
  • A hydration technique to ensure your electrical system is ready to communicate
  • Description of what animal communication is and why it works
  • How to develop and enhance your understanding of energy and how to use it
  • Three types of intuition and practice each one-this will prepare you to communicate remotely or long-distance with photographs
  • Tools to assist you in opening and unlocking intuitive heart intelligence
  • Producing coherent heart alignments that set the stage for effective and accurate animal communication instead of communicating mixed and scrambled messages
  • Practice discerning the difference between heart guidance and mind persuasions
  • Listen to the difference in tones as we tune into an animal’s energy field
  • Practice one-on-one communication with different animals - Horses, dogs, cats
  • How to discern and translate the signs, messages, pictures, feelings and signals you are receiving from the animal
  • How animal communication can assist with identifying physical, mental and emotional imbalances that can assist a veterinarian in diagnosing illness
  • Laying the foundation for Level 2 in which we will build on what we have learned not only to deepen and expand our communication skills but also to set the stage for intentional behavior training using telepathic communication